“Why Should We Have To Prove Our Patriotism?”

Date: 11th August 2018 It was 22nd August 1907, 40 years ago the independence, the world was not a victim of India's struggle for freedom and A young lady wave the Indian Flag in International Socialist Conference in Germany and proved her Patriotism, she was Madam Bhikaiji Cama. Why am I repeating this incident? Once... Continue Reading →


Save My Dignity, I Am Your Democracy

Date: 5th August 2018 In recent days I was away from my Facebook and Instagram so, I spend more time on LinkedIn and I use to read articles. Here I put a link to one article which touched my heart. https://exchangeofthoughtswithab.blogspot.com/2018/08/democracy.html Thank You  


Date: 4th August 2018 Yesterday a movie named 'Mulk' was released which is written and directed by Anubhav Sinha. The Movie is based on a perspective which almost Indians (Typically Hindus) have in their mind, 'All Muslims are terrorists.' MULK is the story of a family facing an extreme crisis when one of their own... Continue Reading →

‘Labour: The Lesser Evil’ Fairytale, or Don’t Get Arsonists to Put out Fires.

  Originally posted on Red Fightback: Once upon a time there was a political party that existed solely for the benefit of the people. It gave them a welfare state and the NHS out of pure benevolence. Then along came someone called Tony Blair who slowly turned it into a bad capitalist party until it was…... Continue Reading →

Live long and Happy Life with The Japanese Concept ‘Ikigai’

Date: 6th June 2018 I was surprised when I see that some people like my father or uncle are tired from their life and work at the age of sixty and at the same time and in the same world a person like our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Honorable President Ramnath Kovind whose... Continue Reading →

तो में क्यां करु?

Date: 31st may, 2018 चांद हूँ में, कभी अमावस का, तो कभी पूर्णिमा का; पर, तुजे वो पू्र्णिमा का ही पसंद आए तो में क्यां करु? फुल हु में, कभी खीला-खीला, तो कभी मुर्जाया हुआ; पर, तुजे वो खीला हुआ हि पसंद आए, तो में क्यां करु? अरे, कुदरत हु में, कभी हस्ती-हसाती, बहारो से... Continue Reading →

ભારતીય ઇતિહાસ ના થોડાક પન્ના ફંફોળી તથ્યોને બહાર લાવતો લેખ

૧૯૪૭ હાથમાં દોરી લોટો.. : લે. ભૂપેન્દ્રસિંહ રાઓલ, સ્ક્રેન્ટન, પેન્સિલવેનીયા. ૨૦૧૦માં સીટીઝન માટેની લેવાતી મૌખિક/લેખિત પરિક્ષા આપવા ગયો ત્યારે ત્યાં બેઠેલી શ્વેત મહિલા પરીક્ષકે પૂછ્યું કે અમેરિકામાં વસાહતીઓ કેમ આવેલા તેનું એક કારણ આપો. કુલ દસ સવાલો અમેરિકન ઈતિહાસ અને નાગરીકશાસ્ત્ર વિષે પૂછે એમાંથી છ સાચા પડવા જોઈએ. પહેલા છ સાચા પડી જય તો સાતમો […]... Continue Reading →

Recent Situations

Date: 26th May 2018 As I started preparation for UPSC 2019 I had left to write on either on Facebook or Instagram or blogs but the latter by PMO to the UPSC was force me to write this blog. Recently PMO advised UPSC to change the cedar and service allocation procedure and allocate the service... Continue Reading →

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