• Abhijeet Mehta, the young blogger is pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering from AITS, Rajkot. He started a blog writing in 2014 with a variety of topics such as poems, short stories, book reviews, movies reviews, and articles on current issues. He also published a book titled, “એ અગયાર દિવસ ની મોહમાયા”, at Matrubharti.com. He does not write for the sake of writing but himself believe in the cause. He also delivers a lecture on social issues and motivational topics. He believes that “Every problem has a solution we just need to apply it in a proper way.”

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  1. I suggest you to add payment line (information) in your Bio section as well. I believe that it is difficult to purchase and maintain a website with your own domain specially when you don’t have permanent source of income. I don’t know whether someone has already donated you anything or not but I feel that I should donate you something for this new phase of your journey. All the best!!!!


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