PARADOX OF LOVE BY @nk!+ (Ankit)

Date: 5th July 2017


Word paradox is used when a statement is absurd but it at least makes a sense. So Love also seems absurd but makes sense, loving someone is also absurd but it makes sense, knowing everything and still act to be unknown is also absurd but it makes sense too.

So why people still want love? Don’t they know or don’t they have brains? No, they know everything and they have a brain too. So why do the fall for it? They never fall for it on their own, they are affected by the drug of love which gives them a painful pleasure, an anaesthetic effect on brains and moreover there are no brains to think rather a heart to follow.

Only a person in love knows what it feels when heartbeat rises, what it feels to be absent minded, what it feels to see a person they love to smile, what it feels to be important to someone, what it feels on doing anything to fulfill wish, what it feels to have a charm of their on the face of their love, what it feels on remembering their love, what it feels to have attention, care, fights. One can only say it’s beautiful. So did this make some sense or was it absurd??Some might say it’s absurd but it did make a sense. After all, everyone deserves to be someone’s special and do something special, to be treated as special.

Then why did I use absurd if it all made sense? Loving someone is not absurd but begging for that love is absurd, showing importance is not absurd but not being important is, respecting them is not absurd but at the cost of losing your absurd and staying unknown after knowing is everything is also absurd. So didn’t this also made sense?

It’s deeper than this and everyone are correct on their side fact is every absurd needs sense and every sense needs absurd and thus I can say ‘Love itself is a paradox’ and everyone gets this drug on their turn and no one can help you out of it.

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