1. This unfamiliarity towards our own nation and our escapism from problems by blaming governments OR politicians, is misleading us to a worse situation.

    Education system has a different scenario, I believe. Universities are arranging special classes of so called “Value Education” in colleges and schools.Which means that Regular Education is lacking Values. I do not mean that there in no values in Regular Educations.

    So basically Literacy rate has became very different from Value education.

    Spark must be generate from inside. If youth is going to follow our so called SOCIETY RULE, There are very less chances create fire from amber.

    (NOTE: I am not against of marriage and family responsibility, I am against of that period when life become miserable.)


    1. में आपसे सहमत हु पर अगर ये वैल्यू एजुकेशन हम अपने घर से ही शुरू करे तो ज्यादा बहेतर नहीं रहेगा?

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