India just launched 20 satellites in 26 minutes, Congrats

Date: 23/06/2016

Place: Rajkot


Congratulation to our scientist who done great work at ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization). The Indian Space Research Organisation just sent 20 satellites into orbit with one launch, marking the largest satellite launch in the space agency’s history. Their previous record was 10, and from this they go closer to NASA and RFSA in satellite delivery rate.

“Each of these small objects that you are putting into space will carry out their own activity, which is independent of the other, and each of them will live a wonderful life for a finite period,”

 ISRO chairman A.S.Kirankumar told NDTV.

Now let we check what specification of this special mission is.

  1. Out of 20 17 are commercial
  2. 2 satellites belongs to Indian private universities.
  3. Satellites are from different foreign countries including US, Canada, Brazil etc
  4. It represents both the largest satellite launch in the agency’s history – putting them closer to NASA’s 2013 record of 29 and Russia’s 2014 record of 33 – and it shows that foreign companies are ready to pay the ISRO to launch satellites for them.
  5. The total weight send by PSLV-C-34 was 1288 kilograms and if in history it is done earlier then also chipset mission.

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