Everyone is right at their situation…

Date: 22/06/2016

Place: Rajkot

           There will be light in darkness.


           It is the tagline of my friend Mishal’s blog mishaljungi.wordpress.com. When I think about it that time I realise that it’s a quote which we know but not accept. I understood this from two source. The first is a book which named “Devil and Miss Prym” by POLO and other one is the movie named “Traffic”.

          Both teaches me same thing that is someone’s reality is may be illusion for other. Now you think I am joking it’s not possible but no if you are thinking this then you are wrong. Did you know, what is the reason behind most of the problem of the world? All problems are arrived due to this phenomena because every person in this world wants that everyone think like him but it’s not possible. Therefore, we don’t like that person because they go against you.

          You think why I give you above examples because in both they talked directly or indirectly about same. Now if we talk about “Devil and Miss Prym” then in that book A stranger is going to find the answer of his question and his question was, “A men became devil or god is depend on situation or not”. And finally he got his answer and that was yes it depends on situation.

          And in traffic there was no question answer but there was understanding of situation between Godbole a constable traffic police, Gurbir sing the commissioner of traffic police, surgeon, Rehan Ali and his father and Dev Kapur the film actor. In between situation all character’s situation and opinion are different but they all are right at their point.

          Same as Mahabharata. In Mahabharata also this phenomena comes in picture. Anyone can’t define who is write, because everyone is right at their point.

          So for better life we have to understand and accept this principle of nature.

Thank you.


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