The Monk Who Sold His FERRARI ……

Date: 06/06/2016

Place: Rajkot

Wow! It was amazing experience to read this book, because I had read after “The Alchemist”. Now you think what is connection between both books because their writers are different but they wrote too much similar. For an example The Alchemist talking about destiny and this book is talking about how to achieve it.

So let’s talk about this book then it consist lots of techniques to improve your thought process and you mind-set according to your destiny. In this book Mr.Julian who is very famous lawyer and rich person, but he is not satisfied with his work. He was facing heart attack and then he changed his mind-set and he will go to find him self. He comes to India and from there start real story of book.

He met a person who is monk of shivana his name is “Raman”. The conversion between them teaches us many things. let’s go to learn that things.

First of all they teaches us to think positive. They compare our mind with garden. They tell that you have to train your mind, if you are able to do that the it is best servant ever. This provides many techniques also.

They talked about discipline, self leadership, selflessness, time management and Kaizen(Continuous Improvement), too. For all these things book provide best examples and stories. The best thing of the book is its summary, which gives after every chapters.

So I am not going to discus every chapter in detail because my previous article’s review told me that after read my blog reader was got information about whole story of book and then they become bore during reading.

So, In short it is amazing book, I have no more words for this book.

Thank you.

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