A book which is combination of many universities.

Date: 1/06/2016

Place: Rajkot

   Yesterday, I was read a book named “The Alchemist”. Here I am delivering the review and my experience of reading.

The first simple thing which this book represent is that quote, “When it comes in your dream, every risk worth for it”. This book is not only motivational book, if you like suspense story then it’s that, if you like stories of magic, then it’s that you know it’s like a combination of many universities. I am giving this type of compliment because my principal taught me that anything from which you learn something that thing is your teacher, but here there are number of things to learn.

In this book every incident taught something to us so now let’s talk about that.

1] In first incident the main character of the book whose name is Santigo, he wants to become shepherd but his father expect that he will became priest after some gossip his father understood that his child’s dreams, and he give a permission to became shepherd, from this we can learn that everyone have their own choice never force your child to do things which you likes because might be possible it’s not his/her cup of tea.

2] Second and most important thing is come from the conversion between the king and that boy, in which king tell him that if you put demand of anything in front of your life, then each and every thing of this universe are started working for you. As I told in my previous article you should put demand in front of your life and wait life will give you that thing.

3] The third thing is from the incident in which the boy have to convert himself into wind, at that time he started questioning to his soul and one by one he got his answers same way our monks told us that, “every answer of your questions is in yourself, you are the only who solve your problem just ask it in a write way to your hart.”

4] Forth thing is language of the world and soul of God, these both things teaches us many lessons of life as I told in second point If you put your demand in front of life then nature started working for it that working is known as language of world in which you don’t know why you are doing this but that thing is for your dream only. Sometimes we do something different then our destiny and we think it’s not thing which I want to do but we don’t know, this is a part of our destiny. This is most important phase in life if we leave it by the accepting that this is not my cup of tea then you never reach your destiny.

5] Fifth thing which we learn from the last incident, in which boy aware about treasure and he feel that he made mistake, treasure is there near the church and he is come here to find it! As I told in my previous article that we have success near to us, but we find here and there finally we get only frustration. So always think that what you want and first find it out in you and the place from where you started or nearer to you.

So finally I told this book is amazing read out it at least one time in life who knows you will find more than me and I am sure that you will learn something from this book.

Thank you.


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