Dream(Goal) of a boy who are earning 25000 at the age of 15.

Date: 12-05-2016

Place: Surat-Jamnagar Intercity

   That was Thursday noon, I was met a family during my journey from Surat to Rajkot. I don’t know their name so i am giving name like Laljibhai is father of that 15 years old boy and his mother name is lilaben his elder brother named Rahul, he is also 19 years old and the hero of this story that boy’s name is Dharmesh.

   They were not middle class but they also not poor they were in between of both. His father was worked in diamond market as a labor and his elder brother is also in same job salary of both are same only 12000. You know as one great thinker told that “Everyone have a right to see dreams whether he is poor or rich.”  Same way that boy have a dream sorry goal to do journey form Rajkot to Ahemadabad by air. The above sentence is not mine it was Dharmesh’s. When I questioned him that, “What is your dream?” That time he immediately told that, “I doesn’t have dreams but I have goal to…” 

    After the knowing about his goal you think how can he get that but I think that dialog of the movie “Baghi”, Said that “Be a rebel but for some reason.” Same way I think that if he have some dream than he have to put his effort to fulfill that dream than and than than effort is valuable other wise every person in this world do work but according to me,

“A work without reason is like day without sun”, Only darkness not a single ray of light.

   But that boy have a reason so that his effort is not worthless. During gossip I asked to Dharmesh that, “Why you and your brother didn’t get education?” That time he answered me that, “We don’t want to waste our father’s money we know after graduate we will not be that person who return father’s money in one or two year so how can we waste our valuable years.” 

   It strikes to my mind and I fall in thinking on my engineering classmate. I think that if these boys are think about it then why we not? Why we not do that things which we have to like? Why we can’t change our dreams into goal? I totally feel shame on me.

Just think about it!




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