Privacy in Big Mobile Data


When I was preparing my seminar report, I found one very interesting article about privacy and security issues written by Lee Garber. He has mentioned in the article that, Bit Defender, a Romanian security vendor, has found many Android applications, which can access and even send information like, users’ location, contact lists with phone numbers and email addresses, as well as photos without their consent. They also analyzed 836,021 Android applications on Google’s Play Store and found that about 33% of them could reveal location-related data. About 5% located and opened photos on users’ phones, and approximately 3% reveal their email data.

This is really a very serious issues. In the era of mobile and big data, it is very difficult to preserve a privacy. It feels like, mobile is more of a spying device than a communication one. Over-collection of data is one of the biggest problem with smart…

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