What is important in 21st century “knowledge or money”???

Knowledge is a gold of 21 st century”
Some people think like above sentence and some people think that
” Money is everything in 21 st century”
        But according to me both are wrong.  In 21st century money and knowledge both are a equally important. According to me who have only money he can purchase everything but sense to use it properly is zero.
      Same way someone have full of knowledge he can invents something but he doesn’t have money then????
        So they both can’t  do any thing for him or her and him or her country. But when  coloration is happened between them and started work with each other then they may be become successful persons.
        According to me
                “Money and knowledge are two sides of a coin”
                                                                                          ABHIJEET MEHTA




One thought on “What is important in 21st century “knowledge or money”???

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  1. very nice.
    but you can not compare money and knowledge. Money is absolute term that either you have it or not. whereas, knowledge is relative term, you need some benchmark to compare with like you have more or less knowledge then someone else.
    well try and keep it up. 🙂


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